Saturday, 18 April 2015

Let's Play Pretend!

Hello everybody!
I hope your having a happy day and the weather is lovely where ever you are!

Today I decided to play dress up. It's my first weekend off of my new job and I thought i'd have some fun. ^.^

The sun is shining where I am and it's wonderful! 
I'm wearing shorts for the first time this season paired with my kitten socks!
My best friend got me these socks for Christmas... imagine how long i've been dying to wear them?
Today I finally can. I paired this outfit with a pretty periwinkle coloured crop top which is super daring for me. If you know anything about my wardrobe it basically consist's of white and black... well mostly black.

I decided to have a pretend photo shoot in my bedroom with my beautiful Arda Wig. I ordered this wig a year ago and I have never worn it out. I'm sure one day I'll bring up the courage to actually do so but until then It's fun to take photo's in. :)

Until next time,
have a lovely day. 
^.^ <3
Stephanie K 

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