Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hello everybody

I'm writing to you currently sitting on my couch drinking some lovely fruit infused water!  haven't written a post in a while and I don't really know what to write about. I think my fancy water has inspired me to write a post about YouTuber's and Blogger's who inspire me.

If you know anything about me then you would know I've been a vegetarian for just over 6 years now. I've cut out most dairy products and have tried to go vegan many times but never have enough will power to commit. I've watched so many great documentaries on netflix on living on a plant based diet and I am pretty much obsessed with all things vegan. Everyday I try and stay as plant based as possible but some days I do cave and eat something terrible like! >.< I'm not proud of it and am trying to make a solid effort in switching over to a plant based/vegan lifestyle!

I joined the gym recently and have been having so much fun going and working out. I never thought I'd every actually enjoy taking time out of my day and going to the gym but I actually just want to be there right now to be honest... All things aside I'm going to share with you some people I follow and who inspire me to stay healthy.

Hannah Snowdon


Hannah Snowdon is one of the most gorgeous tattoo'd ladies ever.
I honestly just think her tattoo's are lovely and adore her tattoo style. It's a plus she's vegan so I thought I'd add her in!

Freelee "The Banana Girl"


Freelee is probably the most inspirational in your face genuine person.
If you would like to really get informed on veganisim then I'd suggest checking out her channel. Freelee is the one who first opened my mind to veganisim a few years back. I love watching her videos and really respect the passion she has for spreading the message and inspiring people to live healthier fuller lives. 

Niomi Smart


I have so much love for Niomi. I found her through one of my most favourite YouTuber's Zoella
Niomi writes a really lovely blog filled with lot's of food post's mixed in with fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I also enjoy Niomi's YouTube channel. She makes the sweetest video's and many are food or lifestyle based!

Oh She Glows


Angela Liddon is a god sent vegan blogger who post's the most beautiful food photo's ever! Whenever I am stuck on something to make I always  scroll down OhSheGlows and find something on there to make! I've never made something I havent enjoyed. I'd recommend trying her Hearty Vegan Chilli & her Cauli-power Alfredo recipes.

I think I'll call it a day. 
There are many people who inspire me and I thought I'd just share a few. If you get a chance to check these ladies out maybe you'll find something you like about them too! I love opening doors for people who are thinking about going vegetarian or vegan and I can only encourage you to educate yourselves and to give it a go! You wont regret it I'm sure. The internet is full of resources for new comers and very user friendly. I  love finding new recipes and inspirational Bloggers who encourage me to move forward in the process. 

If you'd like to check out my Pintrest I have 2 boards that may help give you ideas for meals if you are new to this lifestyle! 


Stephanie K


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