Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday Summary


Hello people! How do you usually spend your Sundays?

Today's post is a little summary of the week. I worked all week and worked on a few sketches/paintings.  I had a pretty low key weekend which was much needed. I got to spend some time to plan more blog posts oh and I casually spent $74.00 on a day planner.... YUP. IM CRAZY.
(That will be another post in itself)

Here is what I worked on this week plus an old sketchbook page I forgot about!

These walking dead inspired sketches are from September. Drawing zombies is fun and I enjoy drawing hands for some reason.

||Sketches of the week||

Art Goals
no1. Improve my people drawing skills

no2. Practice more typography
no3. Find my creative flow

"We are all part of the sky" - John Lennon

I am not much of a painter. I find it very difficult. Mixing colours is one of the hardest things to do for me. I am also too impatient and working in layers is tricky.

So, here is a thing I created. I started with the galaxy background. I then drew some tree's and roses. I also messed up on the quote but whatevaa. I am posting this not because I am proud of it, or think it's worthy of being on the internet. I post my art because I love to see my improvement. I like to read about what I thought about it when I made it and what I think now. I encourage everyone to share your art with others. What you may think is not very good may look incredible to somebody else. Help inspire fellow artist's. I find so much inspiration online and I hope to one day inspire somebody to pick up a pencil and start drawing.
Until next time, have a happy Sunday evening y'all!

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