Saturday, 24 January 2015

I hope you like my hair becauseeeeee

Hello everybody! Happy Saturday.

Recently, I have been erking for a change, I have been growing my hair out for some time now and man, is it ever BORING!
I don't know about you, but I am the type of person who has a crazy hair history. I've played around with my hair so much for years and now I am paying for it. My hair has gone from black to blonde to red and then back to blonde... oh and it continues. As I sit here and well... grow my hair I thought it was would be kind of neat to see my hair transformation over the years. I went through my Facebook and picked a few photos of my different hairstyles. Mind you I'm sure I am missing some but this will have to do. 

Let's bring you back to 2008 when emo/punk was in it's prime and we all wore skinny jeans and had black hair. 
Now a song just to set the mood here.

At 14 I was very into black eye shadow and studded belts. Oh how I wished I could have coloured hair and be super cool like all the older kids did. (Haha) Here I have my natural brown hair if you look closely you can see I started teasing it a bit.

2009 Grade.9
Yay my mom let me dye my hair black and I got extensions (things are looking up for me now)

 I rocked the long black hair for about 4 years until I was 100% over it. Here I started experimenting with bleach... Yes now is the time to panic. 

In grade 12 I wanted to make a statement, I decided I wanted red hair so I went to the hair dressers and this is what I got. I still like this hair colour a lot. 

Later that year.... I bleached my whole head. At this point I though f*ck it I've always wanted coloured hair now is the time to do it! (please somebody shake me my hair is still recovering from this)


I don't have any good photos from this brief period of having awesome red hair. It washed out very quickly and I constantly had to re dye it so I decided to screw the red and dye it brown? (make up your mind woman!)

I have mousey brown hair here and I am wearing bleach blonde and red extensions. (I often blend different colours of extensions together, somehow it works)

 Brown was too boring so I put some left over red manic panic on it and made it this pretty colour!

OK no more of this, time to dye it PINK!

I dyed over top of my mousey brown/blonde/red hair with fushia shock by manic panic. THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING COLOUR! IT BLEEDS ON EVERYTHING AND WILL STAIN YOUR FACE! Fair warning.

 I then dyed my blonde extensions cotton candy pink and let my hair fade. I loved having pink hair, I never thought it was possible.

I then mixed fushia shock and shocking blue together and got this beautiful plum colour that literally glowed in the sunlight. I would really consider this again. 

I currently have my natural brown hair and occasionally wear extensions. Here I have ombre extensions in giving my hair some depth and LENGTH.

I decided I had my fun with colours (for now) and know I need to bring my hair back to life. I dyed my hair back to black and let it fade to brown. I having been growing it out ever since. I have some blonde left on the ends I need to cut off but can't get myself to do. So until then I'll keep thinking of what I want to do next.

Leave a comment bellow of your favourite hair style or colour you've had! 


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