Friday, 6 February 2015

A Pointless Post

I know you don't care but here is my face.

I don't have anything planned for this post. I am currently laying in bed watching season 7 of skins UK. I am obsessed! If you enjoy watching f*cked up teenagers act completely mental then you'd enjoy skins as well. It brings me back to being 17 and not having a care in the world other then the next party i'd be attending. I am 20 now and wow, have things changed. I remember clear as day thinking I never wanted things to change, because I enjoyed them the way they were. I am still getting used to this whole being 20 thing. It's exciting really and also feels like a ticking bomb. 

Life has been well and also quite stressful. I got a temporary $1.00 raise at work! No.. it's not that great.  Money wise it's nice but I only got it because my poor manager broke her wrist. If anybody reads this be sure to wish her a strong recovery because she is the loveliest lady ever. 

I'm going grocery shopping tonight and I'll leave it at that. Clearly I've got nothing better to say.

A goodnight to all and happy weekend y'all.

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