Friday, 21 February 2014

                                       Circle Lenses


Ello anyone! I haven't sat down to write a blog post in over a month! (jeeze, nice one) I thought I might as well write a post about my latest obsession. Most of you can already tell this is going to be about circle lenses.

Well to begin, I recently have been really fascinated with the whole anime thing. I never watched anime growing up apart from your popular Sailor Moon and Pokemon.  It started when I played Final Fantasy 13 for the first time about a month ago, I just couldn't get over how "bad ass" the chicks looked! Sometimes I like to dress up and have fun, who doesn't like to play pretend right? (Guilty) Once I heard about circle lenses I had to have them.  

I ordered my lenses off for about $20 each. They have a large variety of colours and designs! I couldn't believe my options. I decided to go with an shocking aqua and a vibrant forest green. This way It could wear them out more often. 

I heard that the customer service was really good, but I did not expect to receive so many free gifts! They even personally send you a hand signed Thank you card. It was really sweet.

I also revived an eye mask, nail stickers and a very odd Korean fashion hair accessory. If you can see in the photo it is almost like a Velcro rectangle you stick onto your head lol! Not exactly my choice of accessory.

Now for the circle lenses! They both came with adorable animal contact cases! You need to purchase contact solution yourself to fill them up of course.

I really love the green for its intensity. The colour pigmentation is unreal. Circle lenses are obviously larger and cover more of your eyes them normal contact lenses making it sometimes uncomfortable for certain people. I personally don't find them uncomfortable because I normally wear hard contacts anyway.

I love how big they make your eyes appear.


Before purchasing circle lenses a mild warning of things you should consider.

Circle lenses are not legal in the United States because the diameter is 14.5 and is considered unsafe. 
Circle lenses are made in Asia at a cheap cost.
Do not wear for more then 5-8 hours.
DO NOT GET PRESCRIBED LENSES. IT IS UNSAFE. (Not done by a professional eye doctor and I wouldn't wear them for more then 5 hours at a time anyway)
The label says up to a one year warranty, I personally would not keep them that long because contacts should not last that long anyway.
Be SAFE and CLEAN always STERILIZE your hands before handling them.
If you ever feel uncomfortable or like they are doing damage to your eyes, throw them out!

Last but not least, wear them at your own risk! :) 

I personally follow a lot of people who have experience with them and have not experienced many problems, but I have also read about people who have, make your own judgement. 

                                                               xo, StephanieK

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