Monday, 2 December 2013

December Here I Come

I wake up one morning and realize December is here and It looks more beautiful then ever. This is the view from my window.

I am so excited that the holiday season is here! I LOVE Christmas, and not for the presents (although I do love the way they look when they are all wrapped up under the tree...(or in my case still sitting on the shelves in the shopping malls...) I love this festive season specificity for the beautiful lights, getting to lounge around in your favourite cozy sweaters and  let's not forget peppermint flavoured everything. Mmm...
This will be my first Christmas in my new home! It does feel a little empty not having my mothers touch with the decorations. To make my room feel a little more cozy I have been adding little festive decorations around my room. I am no where near done but I will share the few holiday adjustments I've made.

This time of the year is the perfect time to have a candle lit in the background while you relax and drink some tea or whatever you enjoy. The candle in this photo is from Bath & Body Works holiday collection. "Vanilla Bean Noel" Who doesn't want their room to smell like freshly baked cookies? The tea I am enjoying today is called "Banana Cream Pie". (How delicious is the name itself!?) My tea set was a Christmas gift I got last year from my dearest friend Tori. The tea set is from David's Tea .

This Is the first Christmas ornament I've ever purchased/ I found this at our local Thrift Shop for $1.49.
This may be quite tacky to most... but I couldn't pass it up. This tacky Christmas ornament reminds me most of my childhood.

Last but not least a little piece of Hungarian tradition. These chocolates are to die for with their gorgeous wrapping. (reminds me of Harry Potter)  During Christmas you are to hang them from your tree and eat the chocolate as it gets closer to Christmas, you then leave the wrapper on the tree until Christmas day comes and there is no more chocolates left. These chocolates were brought back for me from Hungary by my wonderful manager. 

Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season, even if you don't celebrate Christmas you can still enjoy some candles and warm drinks alone or with friends. 
xo, Stephanie 

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