Thursday, 15 August 2013

Vegan Grocery List

Hey Y'all! If you read my 10 Facts About Me post then you know I have been a vegetarian for over 5 years now. I've finally decided to make the commitment of going Vegan. Well, atleast 80% Vegan for now to help me make my full transition to 100% Vegan!

I have been thinking about going Vegan for the past 3 years and decided I already don't drink milk, or eat egg's on a regular... I might as well go all the way and make the healthy transition. I'm very excited about it..

I thought I'd share my Vegan grocery list with y'all to possibly inspire you to make healthier choices.

Fruits n' Veggies (Gold)

Strawberries (High in fiber)
Blueberries (Anti oxidants)
Banana's (high in potassium, great way to start the day)
Orange's (to make fresh orange juice)
Dragon Fruit (AMAZING in every way ... )
Avocado's (healthy fats)
Herbs (fresh from my garden)
Peppers (
Frozen veggies ("fast food")
Young coconut (fresh coconut water, super food!)

Red Beans (PROTEIN)
Mixed beans (to make fresh bean salad)
Peanut butter (add some protein to my morning smoothies)
Whole wheat bread
Almond Milk (GREAT source of calcium)
Vegan Cheese
Vegan Butter
Coconut oil (Super food)

My Mornings 

Every morning I start the day off with a smoothie of any kind! I like to start the day with something quick and easy, but also something that gives me a kick start to my day.

Here are my "Go To" choices.

Strawberry and Banana (Fibre + potassium and Anti Oxidants)
A scoop of Banana Peanut Butter (Protein)
Almond Milk (Calcium)

Mango and Spinach
Add water to mix and some Ice to cool!

Dragon Fruit
Add water
Nothing else is needed for this bad boy
Want to learn more about this AMAZING fruit!?

Blueberries, Strawberries, Mango Add water or ("real" fruit juice)

Add Banana for texture

Well, That is basically how I start my mornings. Hope you enjoy! :p

                                                                  Stephanie K, xo

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