Thursday, 14 April 2016

DIY Refurbished Antique Looking Furniture

I've always been a crafty person. When I was little I always enjoyed arts and crafts and playing make believe. I love creating things or even better yet i love giving old things a new life I suppose. Haha. I love shopping at thrift stores for old items that I think are cool but just need to be reborn a little, either a new paint job or a new button. Whatever the case may be something old can almost always become something new. 

A few years ago I bought a second hand bed side table for $19.99 at my local thrift shop. It wasnt very appealing but it was practical with big wooden drawers and was just what I needed. I always knew i was going to repaint it once i find the right colour.

The great thing about this bed side table is it is just the right size and offers so much storage with a shallow top drawer and two deep drawers. For $19.99 you can't really go wrong right?

Last month I went to Canada blooms and came across an all Canadian brand of chalk paint called "Bluestone House". I was drawn into their tiny show space by a beautiful vintage refurbished dresser they had on display. As soon as I saw it I thought, I. NEED. THIS. IN. MY. LIFE. Once I get something into my head I really can't stop thinking about it, Of course I wanted to purchase the exact same paint's they has used to recreate the same style dresser of my own! The ladies who helped me were so helpful and nice. They didn't hesitate to tell me the giant bottle of paint I had in my hand was much too much product for the project I had in mind and instead suggested a much smaller (and cheaper) bottle. I thought that was really cool of them. With Bluestone's style of paint a little product goes a long way! 

The colour's I purchased were |
Emma Chalky Patina |Sandy pink
Beach Glass Patina Tiffany blue 
I also purchased a small tub of Finishing Wax

The best part about this DIY "Antique looking furniture" is that it is so simple and quick to do!
No sanding or priming before hand is needed!

Once I applied two coats of paint I let the paint dry for about 10 minutes and then began the distressing process. 

I used a cheap paint brush from the home hardware store to apply the paint and a sanding block from Walmart I had on hand to lightly sand the edges and anywhere ware and tare would naturally happen.

Once I was happy with the final product a used a tiny bit of the finishing wax buffed on with an old rag.

Here is the "finished product" as of now. All I need now is to buy some new handles and my "New/Old" refurbished bedside dresser will be complete!

I'm super happy with the way this turned out for my first try, the process is pretty mistake proof. I'm also happy to have supported a Canadian brand. Woot Woot! lol did I just "woot woot" !? 

Thanks for reading and please share any comments or questions bellow. I'd love to see project's people have done too!
Stephanie K

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