Monday, 5 January 2015

 Who am I to be? At 19 years young I still cannot answer this question. In the world we live in today you can become "whoever you want to be". I, on the other hand have not yet a clue! I know above all things I want to be happy.

I am a person of many interest's. Many of my possible career choices are artistic and therefore my parents do not approve. When your parents do not support your decisions in life it really makes you doubt if you are making the right ones. I have always been the type of person to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. That is why at 19, I am moved out. For most, this probably wasn't the most responsible decision to make, but It was the one I had to make... to be happy. Now I work hard for my money and I pay my own bills. I now know the expenses of budgeting out rent, groceries, utilities and house necessities like how important it is to never run out of toilet paper...  Learning these responsibilities at a young age can only benefit me in the future. Now back to the future... Who am I to become?


My interest in photography dates back to 2008 when I was 14 years young and somehow convinced my parents to buy me a $500 Kodak camera. (Which was very over priced for the photo quality but hey, It looked cool!) This camera was better quality then any simple point and shoot camera I had in the past (mind you, technology wasn't as advanced as it is now) but, it still wasn't the quality I was looking for.

Oh my, I'm sure you all remember taking pictures in the girls bathroom was fun... right!?

I then started taking really lame photo shoots
of my friends. This was the begging of my interest for photography.

I then somehow convinced my dad to buy me another camera two years later. I was buying the cheapest best looking camera I could find for $500 or less because I did not work at this time, and my dad wouldn't spend the amount of money you needed to get a proper DSLR camera.

This was a cannon something something ... I enjoyed this camera because of the flip screen! It has two great features like high quality video recording and 20x zoom! I loved this camera because it was great for taking photos from a far.

Although it may not be the clearest photo, I was able to take a photo this from the 11th row and it looks like i could have been in the 3rd or 4th! ;)

Unfortunantly, Once the flash broke on this camera It became almost useless for taking photos in any other lighting then natural lighting. I am still able to use this camera for video recording, which is what I do.

Now, at 17 with no camera what am I to do? Get a job of course! (Pat on the back for Steph) I saved my first two pay checks and bought my first DSLR Camera. The camera I now use is the Nikon D3100, it was around $730 Canadian, also including HD video which is an amazing feature to have. I am really happy to have a great starter camera that I can take high quality photo's with. I can play around with how the photo will come out by changing the aperture and shutter speed and switching around with different fancy lenses. Although that cost's money, and at 19 living on my own... I don't seem to have much of that. So, till then I continue to take photo's for fun of anything really. The great thing about photography is it allows you to be in complete control of what you want to express in a photo. There are many factors that affect what you feel when you see a photo. Lighting is a big one, as well as the view you take the photo in. I can ramble on about things you probably already know, or don't really care to know, so instead here are a few recent photo's I have taken in the past two years.

Just some things you may need to catch up on
1. I am now 20 years young.
2. I moved house

My work may be considered average and I'll agree. Over the past two years I haven't made much of an effort to better my photography, to educate myself and my improve my skills.
2015 brings a new year, new goals, a blank space... (oh T-sway)

I am going to make 2015 all about working towards my goals as an artist/being. I am still very confused and I don't think I am ready to be thrown into the deep water. The more I think about it the more I believe you may never "be ready", all you can do is work towards bettering yourself and keeping your goals no.1 
This is exactly what I am going to do, and I hope along the way I figure some more out.

Stay happy, pay it forward and take chances.
That is my advice for the new year.

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