Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Cruelty Free Everyday Products

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Happy December,
Is anybody as excited for #VLOGMAS as I am? Or is that just me... 

Recently, I have been caring more and more about the products I use. I've been a vegetarian for 6 years now and along my journey I have naturally made a lot of changes for my health and my everyday choices.  I have decided to try and switch over to buying cruelty free products. A lot of major companies like L'OREAL & MAYBELLINE test their products on animals. Here are some of the products I have switched over too. 

Natural Toothpaste! This was my first switch over. NOTES: It does not foam up like the regular toothpaste y'all are used too, and it has a different taste. You'll learn to get over it. I now prefer natural toothpaste and find that Colgate or Crest now has a funny taste. 

No artificial chemicals or preservatives

Natural deodorant.

Now I know this is a tricky one. It takes some dedication and doesn't work as well. I find the trick is you have to apply it a couple times throughout the day. I know.. I know... ain't nobody got time for that. I am still iffy with this one but I am proud to say its NON-GMO & aluminium free.
Aluminium can be found in most deodorants and can cause seizures, breast cancer, kidney problems & alzheimers disease.Like... WHAT?

This product is not organic or 100% natural but they DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS!
I really love this brand "OGX" for their shampoo and conditioner. They offer a good variety and always leave my hair feeling awesome. This brand does not use sulphate which is great for hair. I also enjoy using the conditioner from their keratin line. This brand is also available in your local drug stores which makes it easy to get your hands on!

Deep Conditioner/Mask
Live Clean is one of my favourite brands to use! You can usually find it on sale and they make just about anything from face wash to body cream.
Live Clean is 96 % plant derived/phthalate free/paraben free!
I like how they clearly state on their products that they are eco friendly. Every time I use this mask it leaves my hair super soft and shiny.

It's great to use if you have dry or damaged hair. The argon oil adds moisture to my hair and helps it from feeling dry and nasty from previously abusing the f'uck out of it.

These are all great products to try out if you are thinking of reducing the amount of chemicals you use or if you are interested in the cruelty free lifestyle.
:) xo, Stephaniek

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